Web Performance Consulting

Our complete web performance optimization services will power up your website Google ranking, increase your revenue, help your brand’s web marketing campaigns and reduce your CO2 emissions by improving the overall load speed of your pages.
We offer you a detailed report with baseline performance metrics (useful for comparison after subsequent optimizations or audits), executive summary, web page behavior and actionable recommendations for improvement.

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Benefits of a fast website

  • Better user experience

  • More revenues

  • Less costs (server capacity/bandwidth)

  • More traffic from Google

  • Better equipped to withstand big traffic spikes

  • More Energy efficient reducing your carbon footprint

3 levels of service

Level 1

First Steps: General speed recommendations based on your website. These would be your essential first steps at a faster website.

Level 2

Advanced Recommendations: Speed tips based on various factors: The website platform; understanding the user distribution; etc. Much more in-depth analysis based on a case-by-case basis.

Level 3

Build and deploy: Work with your existing team of developers and designers to integrate various performance steps into the deployment/production systems. This would be to implement steps for building faster websites without getting in the way of regular development.


Faster = Better

Did you know that page load speed is the main reason for visitors leaving a website? It is all about user experience, 50% of visitors expect your web pages to load in less than 2 seconds and 52% of online shoppers link page speed with their loyalty to a site. Therefore faster websites will make happier customers.

Amazon found that one tenth of a second of load speed is worth one percent of sales. Pages that load faster are listed higher in search results.

We help you improve the page load speeds of your website as well as provide you with development and functionality guidelines for your website to achieve a better user experience.

Page speed is not enough

Functionality also has a huge impact on the constant interactions your visitor perform on your pages. Organizing the content of your website to meet your customer’s expectations should be correlated with how their browsers load your content to ensure a fast engagement with the visitor.

Web visitors expect to find what they are looking for in a web site in about 20 seconds, if they do not they will leave.

Planning ahead, testing and improving your website functional behavior to meet visitor needs will enhance their positive experience and increase your conversions.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

The use of web sites and web applications produce CO2 emissions that we can calculate and neutralize. Take a step forward and communicate your commitment against global warming. Together with our partner Climaloop, an experienced CO2 neutralization company, and our joint project CO2 Web Watch we will offset your emissions and certify that your website is carbon neutral.